Shaft Clamps

Shaft collars have a variety of uses in machine and device construction: They secure shafts and axles, and serve as end stops or as fasteners for additional functional elements.

What is a shaft clamp?

A shaft collar is a specific machine component found in many power transmission applications, most commonly in electric motors and gearboxes. Its design makes it easy to install. Collars can be used as mechanical stops, locating parts, or bearing surfaces. These components are used in a variety of ways, from simple positioning to ensuring correct torque and alignment.

Axial load capacity of the shaft collar

The axial load capacity of the collar depends on its outer diameter and design. For example, trapezoidal threaded collars can withstand higher thrust loads than smooth bore collars. Some collars also include clamping screws that are inserted from both directions. Some collars also have a knurled surface for hand grip.


While shaft clamped collars work well under constant loads, they tend to move under shock loads. A shock load is created when a small mass suddenly hits something, creating a large force. In this case, a shaft with an undercut is used to form a positive stop that allows the clamp ring to withstand shock loads without moving.

Features of shaft clamps

A shaft clamp is a mechanical device that helps stop the movement of the shaft. It is usually a solid ring with a set screw inside. It then stays in place when the set screw is snug against the shaft. Axle clamps come in many different styles and features. Some pieces are one piece, while others consist of several pieces. The main difference between these clamps is the design. Clip-on collars have better retention, more even pressure distribution, and a larger surface area in contact with the shaft.

Products For Sale

These axle clamps can be used to hold split hub gears or to locate components on the axle. The shaft clamp ring can be easily loosened for repositioning without damaging the shaft or gear.

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Advantages of shaft clamps

Shaft clamps offer several advantages over set screw rings. It prevents shaft damage, is easy to install and remove, and provides higher axial load capacity. Also, it can be used for shafts of any material. Additionally, it is compatible with virtually any size shaft and can be used for all types of axial loads.
Another advantage is that it does not require special tools to install and remove. It is lightweight, easier and cheaper to use than other types of couplings. It also does not require gaskets and is easy to remove. Furthermore, it is reliable and safe to use, especially in the presence of shock loads.



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Different styles

Split ring clamps are another option for securing shafts. They have a slit on one side and are held in place by one or double socket head cap screws. Both designs provide similar functionality to half-split collars, but allow for greater flexibility in mounting them on rotating assemblies.